StarLight Broadband provides affordable, uncapped internet connectivity to clients living or working in remote or under-serviced areas. The StarLight solution is an ideal service for areas in which the quality of existing connectivity is inadequate.


  • Broadband Markets
    • Hospitality Industry
    • Student Centres
    • Residential Estates
    • Remote Offices
    • Public Hotspots
    • Mobile Applications
  • Industrial markets
    • Bank ATM Networks
    • Industrial Monitoring
    • Telemedicine
    • Business Continuity
    • Digital Signage
    • Multimedia

Satellite Coverage

  • Provides service via the IS28 satellite at 33 degrees East orbital location in the Ku-Band.
  • Satellite footprint is indicative of the area in which we can technically provide Internet services


Welcome to StarLight Namibia — With Us Anything is Possible!

StarLight provides affordable, uncapped internet connectivity to clients living or working in remote or under-serviced areas. The solution is an ideal service for areas in which the quality of existing connectivity is inadequate.

StarLight offers professional users, home users and small businesses superior broadband access, cloud services and IP telephony services over the  sub-Saharan Africa region.  Utilizing the IS28 Satellite we can offer bandwidth speeds of up to 1Mbps upload and 8 Mbps download.

StarLight is a Q-KON product that provides users throughout the sub-Saharan Africa with the ability to provide ubiquitous, unshaped uncapped Internet coverage. 


This is a true “from Africa – for Africa – by Africa” solution for connectivity.


StarLight has benefits for various industries including disaster recovery, farmers, game lodges, health clinics (tele-medicine, schools, libraries, public internet service centres, remote construction sites, road maintenance site offices and small businesses in remote areas.

Broadband Markets
“Always-on anywhere reliable 4 Mbps service.”

Broadband Markets

Hospitality Industry

Broadband Markets

Student Centre

Broadband Markets

Residential Estate

Broadband Markets

Remote Office

Broadband Markets

Public Hotspot

Broadband Markets

Mobile Application


Industrial Markets
“Reliable cost-effective anywhere connectivity”


Industrial Markets

Bank ATM Network

Industrial Markets

Industrial Monitoring

Industrial Markets


Industrial Markets

Business Continuity

Industrial Markets

Digital Signage

Industrial Markets





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Equipment Price NAD

Customer Satellite Terminal Equipment including

Starlight Terminal consisting of:

  • 1.0m satellite antenna, integrated iLNB, MDM2200, 30m IF cable, connectors, wall mount,
  • Q-CAP WiFi Router

N$ 5 500
Broadband Service Access Bundle Price NAD

Service bundle options

Download max data rate

Upload max data rate

Typical usage per month

"Office" service bundle

4 Mbp

1 Mbp

30 GB

N$ 3 444.00

"Business" service bundle

4 Mbp

1 Mbp

50 GB

N$ 5 503.00

"Lodge 8" service bundle

8 Mbp

1 Mbp

70 GB

N$ 7 350.00

"Lodge 10" service bundle

8 Mbp

1 Mbp

95 GB

N$ 9 952.00

Uncapped: After the "typical usage bundle" has been reached, fair use policy to apply.
Receive / Download: Indicates the maximum receive data rate on a per site basis.
Transmit / Upload: Indicates the maximum transmit data rate, please note the satellite signal coverage maps and the designed transmit data levels.
Terms and Conditions
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Commercial Information & Supply Term


  • Payment terms are 100% payment in advance.
  • Standard 12 Month equipment manufacturer warranty applies.
  • Equipment prices valid while stocks last.
  • Pricing including VAT.

Banking details

Account Name: Q-KON Telecom (Namibia) Ltd
Reg No: 2016/1209
Branch Name: FNB Business
Account Number: 62261513719
Branch Number: 281872  

Installation Considerations

  • Installation within the borders of Namibia
  • Landlord approval granted (if applicable)
  • Equipment supplied by Q-KON is adequate to complete installation
  • Sufficient free space for azimuth and elevation adjustment is available
  • The antenna has a clear view towards the Satellite - 32.8 degrees East (no obstructions)
  • AC power outlet is available at the location of the IP Modem
  • Installation not more than 2m above ground
  • The StarLight unit can be self-installed by building maintenance or skilled maintenance team.
  • Please refer to the installation video guide for guidance and more information.
  • Alternatively please contact StarLight at for installation services, or phone our Support Number: +264 84 000 6000.


How does it work?

The StarLight satellite internet connection delivers upstream (outgoing) and downstream (incoming) data to and from a PC or a MAC computer through a high throughput satellite. 

Installation & support

StarLight is using a state-of-the-art remote terminal unit that is in operation in Europe in the tens of thousands. 

System capabilities

StarLight offers professional users, home users and small businesses superior broadband accesscloud and IP telephony services.


Frequently Asked Questions about StarLight  Broadband services.


High Speed Internet Access, Business Continuity & Private Access Networks.



High Speed Internet Access:

Internet browsing, email, file transfer, Skype, voice & video, download or transmit photos and music at high speeds, VoIP telephony, VPN access, video streaming.

Business Continuity:

Low-cost back-up internet connection or remote office network access. It is an easy and quick rollout of terminals on sites.

Private Access Networks:    

Remote office connectivity to private corporate network for application access, file transfer, email, corporate internet access and guaranteed voice quality for telephone, extending the corporate PBX.


The StarLight satellite internet connection delivers upstream (outgoing) and downstream (incoming) data to and from a PC or a MAC computer through a high throughput satellite.  The end user computer will have high speed internet access via an Ethernet connection to the StarLight modem.  The computer may be connected to the StarLight modem directly or can be attached to a wireless hub or router to connect wirelessly.

The StarLight antenna can be mounted on a roof, wall or via pole mount on the ground.  Once connected the end user computer sends a request to the StarLight modem which passes the request to the IS28 Satellite. The satellite receives the signal and sends it to the teleport.  The request then goes to the internet backbone, which retrieves the requested web content from the web server.  The whole cycle is then reversed and the requested data is sent to the end user.


StarLight offers professional users, home users and small businesses superior broadband accesscloud services and IP telephony services over the sub-Saharan Africa region. Technologies introduced into the market have delivered internet to more people than ever before, but still leaves the majority of Africa without access.  Internet via satellite has recently made great strides in improving the efficiency of data transmission via more cost effective equipment, thereby significantly reducing the cost of service delivery.

High Performance – Satellite Network     

  • 8 Mbps download bandwidth, 1 Mbps upload 
  • Integrated performance enhancement capabilities
  • DVB-S2 adaptive coding modulation in the forward link, 4CPM modulation on the return link, data pre-fetch for faster downloads
  • No content management or bandwidth shaping (high speed always available)
  • Support for VoIP channels / telephony (QoS over VSAT guaranteed)
  • Low jitter for real-time applications
  • Local Teleport in South Africa resulting in the lowest satellite traffic latency
  • Cost-effective – total broadband solution

Affordable Terminal Pricing

  • Uncapped service offering
  • Quick installation & activation and can be re-located easily
  • Full visibility of traffic utilization by end-user


  • Highly reliable services via redundant Teleport services
  • Totally independent from terrestrial infrastructure – no cable problems or power issues
  • Local nationwide support by service partners
  • Proven technology with world-leading technology partners
  • Local network managed by Q-kon Namibia
  • Over the air software upgradeability


  • Uninterrupted coverage – anywhere access in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Advanced functionality to deal with rain-fade mitigation
  • Independent of incumbent Telco and other established Broadband service providers
  • Network is continuously monitored

Frequently Asked Questions

StarLight Broadband Service

What is satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband is a broadband internet connection made via communications satellites instead of a telephone landline or other terrestrial means. Our StarLight Broadband service provides high-speed, always-on, pre-paid broadband internet via satellite, which is available to anyone, in sub-Saharan Africa.

Who can use satellite broadband?

Our StarLight Broadband internet connection is available anywhere within the footprint of our satellites, and is sold through local service partners in countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

What is the benefit of the bi-directional connection?

Because both the download and upload of data between the internet and your computer is via satellite, our StarLight Broadband platform does not use, or require, any form of ground-based connection (eg telephone landline).

Is my satellite internet connection used differently to an ADSL connection?

In operation, your satellite internet connection by StarLight Broadband appears to your computer, and to you, just like any other broadband internet connection, and you can use the same software for website browsing, email, etc, as does any other internet user.

Can I use my satellite broadband connection to make telephone calls?

You can make low cost “VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)” telephone calls using your StarLight Broadband satellite internet connection, and this option may be purchased from your service partner (if available in its offering).

Does StarLight Broadband offer “triple play”?

Triple play is the provision of internet access, TV and telephone in a single service. So, yes, StarLight Broadband can provide triple play.

Buying Satellite Broadband

Where do I get StarLight Broadband?

You can purchase StarLight Broadband from a local service partner, who will be able to provide advice, installation, and after sales service best suited to your use of the system.

How does the cost of StarLight Broadband satellite broadband compare with ADSL broadband?

StarLight Broadband is designed for use where other connections to the internet are not available and it presents a low-cost alternative to the provision of landline services where they were not previously available.

StarLight Broadband equipment & Installation

What equipment do I need to use StarLight Broadband service?

StarLight Broadband requires only a satellite dish fitted with the two-way iLNB, and an IP modem connected to your computer.

I have a satellite dish – can this be used for the internet connection via StarLight Broadband?

StarLight Broadband uses innovative and advanced performance optimization technologies over satellite that requires a certain size and quality of the dish. To ensure reliable reception of the satellite signal for your broadband connection, you should use the dish supplied in our StarLight Broadband equipment pack.

Can I install the dish myself?

We have specially designed the StarLightBroadband equipment to be easily installed by the user, although your local installer can install the equipment for you, if you prefer.

What cables or other equipment do I need?

All the cables and connectors you will need are supplied in our equipment pack.

How can I accurately point the StarLight Broadband dish?

Full step-by-step instructions are provided with our StarLight Broadband equipment pack and the dish incorporates unique fine adjustments for accurately aligning it on the satellite. No specialist tools are required as our dedicated “Point&Play” tool is also supplied to clearly indicate when the dish is correctly pointed to the right satellite.

StarLight Broadband technical details

Which satellite does StarLight Broadband use?
StarLight Broadband is using Ku-band satellite capacity on IS 28 geostationary satellite at at 33°E.
What sort of computer do I need to access satellite broadband?

 StarLight  Broadband requires no extra software to be loaded on your computer and can operate with PC (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7) and Apple Macintosh (OS X) computers with Ethernet support.

Can I use satellite broadband with a network?

You can connect your StarLight Broadband modem with an Ethernet cable either to an individual computer or to a network router/switch to link to a home network or local area network. The connection from the router to your network computers can be cabled or wireless.
How far from the computer can the modem and dish be?

Our StarLight Broadband equipment pack includes 30m of dual coax cable to connect the dish and IP modem. If this length must be exceeded, you should consult your service partner for advice. To connect the IP modem to your computer, an Ethernet cable of approximately 2.0m is supplied. You can substitute a longer cable if required.

Must the StarLight Broadband equipment be powered all the time?

The StarLight Broadband modem should be powered whenever the connection is in use. The IP modem takes a few minutes to initialise after being switched on.  It is recommended to keep the modem powered, unless the connection will be unused for an extended period. The StarLight Broadband equipment has a power consumption of less than 30W in use.

Does satellite broadband suffer from delay or “latency”?

All internet connections suffer from some latency and because a satellite connection requires the signal to travel from the ground to the satellite and back again, this imposes a “satellite latency” of approximately half a second. However, we employ a variety of means to mitigate the effects of this delay, so it does not adversely affect normal use of the StarLight Broadband connection.



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